Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Alabamians FOR The Union

General Grenville M. Dodge, (seated, left) of the First Alabama and his staff are pictured in an 1862 photo from Corinth, Mississippi. The photo is part of the Grenville M. Dodge Collection. Photo: Howard & Hall


‘Silent Cavalry’: Not all Southerners wanted the Confederacy to win

Howell Raines’ book tells of Alabama cavalry that fought for the Union.

Howell Raines calls it the most amazingly counterintuitive fact in all of Civil War history: “White volunteers from the Alabama hills helped Sherman burn Atlanta.”

A mounted regiment of nearly 3,000 subsistence farmers from the state’s hard-scrabble hill country not only joined the Union side in the battle of Atlanta, they were “the point of the spear” in Sherman’s relentless march through Georgia to the sea.

Source: The Atlanta Journal:

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